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Video tutorials

In this part of the blog, I share all the video tutorials that are posted on my YouTube channel. You can subscribe to my channel here and get notified about all the updates.

Check out the pop-up menu of Video tutorials. In every link, you will find short text descriptions of the video and will be able to watch the full video without leaving the page.

As the list is getting longer and longer, it can be more convenient, to use the links below to get directly to the video tutorials.

Video tutorials in alphabetic order


Backstitch video tutorial

Blanket stitch video tutorial

Blanket stitch filling video tutorial

Blanket stitch sewing video tutorial

Bullion knot stitch video tutorial

Burden stitch video tutorial


Chain stitch (regular and reverse) video tutorial

Chain stitch filling video tutorial

Chevron stitch filling video tutorial

Couching stitch video tutorial

Couching stitch filling video tutorial

Cross stitch filling video tutorial

Crossed Fly stitch filling video tutorial


Double Chevron stitch filling video tutorial


Fly stitch video tutorial

French knots video tutorial


Half Chevron stitch filling video tutorial

Honeycomb filling video tutorial


Japanese darning stitch video tutorial


Lattice stitch video tutorial

Lazy Daisy stitch video tutorial

Long and short stitch video tutorial


Otomi stitch video tutorial

Outline stitch video tutorial


Padded satin stitch video tutorial

Pistil stitch video tutorial

Pekinese stitch video tutorial


Running stitch video tutorial


Satin stitch video tutorial

Seed stitch video tutorial

Split stitch video tutorial

Split stitch filling video tutorial

Stem stitch video tutorial

Stem stitch filling video tutorial


Threaded backstitch video tutorial

Trellis stitch video tutorial


Weave stitch video tutorial

Whipped backstitch video tutorial

Other tutorials

Starting and finishing to stitch in hand embroidery video tutorial

Framing the embroidery in a hoop video tutorial

Outline stitch vs Stem stitch

How to transfer a pattern with the lightbox method. Video tutorial

How to wind embroidery floss on a bobbin. Video tutorial

How to separate one strand of floss. Video tutorial

How to transfer embroidery pattern with tissue paper. Video tutorial

Valentine’s day DIY gift tutorial. Embroidered Keyring. Video tutorial

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