Transfer pattern with tissue paper

How to transfer pattern with tissue paper

Embroidery pattern transfer with tissue paper method

If you want to transfer your embroidery design to a dark fabric or very dense fabric like felt, you might find this pattern transfer method very useful.

You will need a piece of tissue paper (paper napkin will do well), your pattern, and a pen.
Separate one layer of the paper, place it over the printed design and transfer the pattern to the paper.
Place a tissue paper with a pattern over the fabric and frame them together into the hoop. Embroider over the paper.

After all of the embroidery is done – gently tear off the paper!

Watch the video below and learn how to transfer embroidery patterns with this simple and fast pattern transfer method!

Want to see pattern transfer with tissue paper method in action? Watch ‘Valentine’s day DIY gift tutorial. Embroidered Keyring‘ video tutorial where I use tissue paper for pattern transfer.
You can also download a Free pdf pattern if you would like to make this keyring.

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Valentine’s day embroidery design. Free pdf pattern and keychain making tutorial

This year I created a new Valentine’s day embroidery design. You can use these designs on a napkin, pillowcase, kitchen towel, or make a keychain, as I did in this tutorial.

You will find a Tutorial HERE

The FREE pattern download link is HERE

Full video tutorial on  YouTube channel is available HERE

Pattern transfer with tissue paper