Valentine's day embroidery design keychain
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Valentine’s day embroidery design

Free pdf pattern and keychain making tutorial

There’s no better gift than a handmade one! And when you make a gift with your own hands, they’ll know you put all your heart into it!

Last year I shared a tutorial on how to make hand embroidered Valentine’s day greeting cards. This year I created a new Valentine’s day embroidery design. You can use these designs on a napkin, pillowcase, kitchen towel, or make a keychain, as I did in this tutorial.

Download a free embroidery pdf pattern from this tutorial and express your love and affection with a handmade Valentine’s Day gift!

If you prefer a video tutorial – scroll to the end of this article and watch a full video tutorial on YouTube!

Tools and materials
Tools and materials for Valentines day keyring tutorial

For this project, you will need:

  • Printed pattern. Sign up for my Newsletter and Download a FREE pdf design HERE. Print it with your home printer. If you want to embroider this design on another object, like a pillowcase or a napkin, – resize a pattern with your home copy machine.
  • Scissors, pen, and tissue paper (for pattern transfer);
  • White felt fabric (20×20 cm / 8×8 inches);
  • Embroidery floss. I used #310 Black and #899 pink by DMC;
  • Embroidery needle (I use a DMC embroidery needle in size 7);
  • Toy stuffing (polyester filling or cotton wool);
  • Metal key ring
Transferring the pattern

I chose a white felt fabric for a keychain I’m going to make with this embroidery design. As you may know, it’s not transparent, so my preferred lightbox pattern transfer method will not work here.

For the pattern transfer, I will use simple tissue paper instead of a stabilizer and transfer my pattern using this method.

You can watch a video tutorial on how to transfer a pattern with tissue paper HERE.

If your chosen fabric is light and transparent enough, you can use a pattern transfer with the lightbox method. More about this method – HERE.

Home with a heart embroidery

For this project, I used these stitches:

Stem stitch for the letters. Watch a video tutorial on Stem stitch HERE.

Satin stitch for the heart. Watch a video tutorial on Satin stitch HERE.

Keep in mind that you should remove the tissue paper before filling in the heart with satin stitches.

Assembling a keychain
Tools for assembling a keychain

Cut out the shape of a keychain;

Match the parts together and sew them with the blanket stitch (watch a video tutorial HERE);

Leave one end open to put in the stuffing;

Stuff the toy stuffing (or cotton wool) in the gap until the keychain is just padded but not too firm;

Add a strip with a metal ring and sew it in, closing the gap.

Valentines day embroidery design for a keychain
Key chain with embroidered Come Home phrase
Your gift is ready!

Pack it, add some candies or chocolate your loved one prefers and make a surprise! 

More ideas for Valentine’s day:

Watch a full video tutorial!
Valentine's day embroidery design