Double feather stitch video tutorial

Double Feather stitch video tutorial

In this video tutorial, I show you how to embroider a Double feather stitch.

A double feather stitch is a variation of a simple feather stitch. It is a series of V-shaped stitches connected between them in a zig-zag shape line.

The double feather stitch is excellent for decorating the seams and for borders. You can combine a double feather stitch with other decorative stitches, like French knots of Lazy daisies, to create your unique border designs. Also, this stitch is widely used in floral embroidery – for branches, twigs, or vines. If you want to use a double feather stitch for filling – make rows of this stitch, one next to the other and fill the fabric with beautiful texture.


To embroider a double feather stitch, you will need to mark five parallel lines. The lines can be straight or bent. Also, if your fabric is loosely woven, you can use fabric weaving as guiding lines. 


Watch a video tutorial below and learn how to embroider a Double feather stitch.

Other variations of the feather stitch:

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