Outline stitches for hand embroidery

Outline stitches

Outline stitches for hand embroidery are stitches that indicate the shape of an object or design. 

Outline stitches can be fundamental and straightforward, like a backstitch. But also, there are some rather bold and exciting stitches like Pekinese stitch that you can choose for outlines. You can use many of the stitches in this list both for outlines and for borders. For this reason, some of the stitches are mentioned in both lists.

Might be interesting to read:

There are many choices of hand embroidery stitches for the outlines. And witch stitch is the best for your design – only you decide!

The list of the stitches is growing

Keep in mind that this is not a finished list of embroidery stitches.

I film and add new video tutorials to my YouTube channel and Blog every week. So, also the lists of the stitches are updated weekly.

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Outline stitches for hand embroidery