Split stitch and split backstitch - the difference
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What is the difference between Split stitch and Split Backstitch?

Often, people call both stitches a split stitch, but you should know that a split stitch and split backstitch are actually different stitches. 

Both stitches are great for outlines and lettering and work excellent on straight and curved lines. So, what is the difference?

The differences are:
  1. Embroidery method. In a split stitch, we split the previous stitch from below and in a split backstitch – from above. 
  2. Visually, a split stitch has more volume and texture and looks thicker and sturdier. While split back stitch lies flatter on the fabric.
  3. Thread consumption. Split backstitch will consume more floss than a regular split stitch. It might not be a big issue if you use this stitch for outlines or lettering. But, in case you want to use a split stitch for filling, choose a regular one instead of a backstitch version. It will save you a lot of floss.
  4. View on the back of the embroidery. Regular split stitches on the backs side of the embroidery will look like a running stitch. A split backstitch will have more volume on the backside. So, consider this before choosing which stitch to use. 
Split stitch and split backstitch front view
Split stitch and Split Backstitch - Front view
Split stitch and split backstitch - back view
Split stitch and Split Backstitch - Back view
Watch this video tutorial for a more visual explanation.

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7 Split stitch vs. Split backstitch. the difference