Embroidered zipper pouch tutorial
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Embroidered zipper pouch tutorial

How to embroider and sew a zipper pouch from fabric scraps


This step-by-step tutorial will demonstrate how to embroider and sew a simple zipper pouch from fabric scraps. 

Suppose you are a sewist, quilter, crafter, or have anything to do with making, altering, or mending clothes. In that case, I’m sure you have some fabric scraps, cut-offs, and leftovers at home. Also, I’m sure you have this question in mind: ‘What can I do with scraps and cut-offs of fabric?’

I know this feeling. Many pieces of fabric are too small to create something but too cute and too good to throw away. They accumulate, take space in your craft room, and make you feel guilty for not using them.

Materials you will need:
Fabric scraps for zipper pouch tutorial
Materials and tools for zipper pouch sewing
  • A zipper. The size of the zipper will define the length of your pouch. You can use a new zipper or reuse one sewn in the garment you want to recycle. 
  • Fabric scraps. No matter if big or small. Of the same color or of different colors. Of the same material or mixed. Everything can go here.
  • Fabric for lining. Two pieces the size of the pouch. 
  • Fabric for the base. Two pieces the size of the pouch. You can use any unwanted cloth here. It can even have a stain or a slight hole – you will cover it with fabric scraps.
  • Scissors
  • Some pins
  • Sewing thread and sewing needle (for basting)
  • Sewing machine (optional). You can sew your zipper pouch by hand.
  • Embroidery threads and embroidery needles. Choose one color of the embroidery floss or mix all the colors you like. Choose the size of the needle depending on the thread you will use and on the fabric.
Step one
Measure and cut fabric for zipper pouch

Measure and cut the fabric for the base and for the lining.

The length of your zipper will determine the size of the material you cut for this zipper pouch. The width of the bag, however, can be as wide as you want. You can make your zipper pouch square or very deep if you wish. 

Cut the base fabric and the fabric for lining in the same size. The length = the length of the zipper, including tails. The width – you decide.

Step two
Assemble fabric scraps for zipper pouch

Assemble the scraps and create your unique design.

Place both pieces of the base fabric on the table and place the fabric scraps above. Move the pieces to create the design you like. The borders of the parts have to overlay, so the base fabric is not visible at the end. 

When you are happy about the design you created, pin all the scraps to the base fabric and baste them. It is easier and safer to embroider over the basted pieces, not pinned ones.

Step three
Embroider above 4

Embroider above the fabric scraps.

The embroidery will secure the fabric pieces together and create a unique design for your zipper pouch. This is the part of the zipped pouch creation I like the most!

What embroidery stitches to use? Well, it will depend on the design you want to create.

You can use a Running stitch to create long straight lines. This stitch is straightforward and fast and will secure the layers of the fabric well.

Also, you can opt for the blanket stitch. I like to make circular shapes of the blanket stitch filling to create an extra decorative layer over the fabric.

f you want to play with hand embroidery stitches more, mix the stitches together. First, you can emphasize some fabric designs with one stitch and then – fill the rest of the space with another stitch.

These video tutorials might be helpful:

Do you need more inspiration on hand embroidery stitches? Head to the tab Video tutorials on this blog and choose from the list of the stitches!

Embroider above 1
Step four
Embroidered pieces 1

Take out the basting threads. Be careful not to snag the embroidery!

In case you used some tracing tool, wash the pieces to remove the residue of tracing signs. You can read about how to wash hand embroidery and remove tracing marks HERE.

Also, iron embroidered pieces of the zipper pouch. It is always easier to sew if the fabric is not wrinkled.

Step five
Sew zipper

Sew in the zipper.

Sandwich a zipper between the embroidered piece and the lining and sew together.

Step six
sewing zipper pouch

Fold the sewn pieces, so the zipper is outside.

Then, sandwich the other side of the zipper between the second embroidered piece and the second piece of the lining fabric.

Sew them together.

Step seven
Sew together 2

Sew the parts together.

Place the embroidered pieces and lining fabric pieces together and sew all around, leaving a gap in the lining fabric.

Then, cut off the angles of the material on the corners.

Step eight
Sew together 3

Turn the zipper pouch inside out, straighten the angles.

Sew the gap in the lining fabric.

Step nine
Hand embroidered zipper pouch

Embroider the running stitch around the border.

This will ensure that the lining fabric is not caught by the zipper when you open and close the purse.

I’m not a professional sewist, so the sewing part of this tutorial might not be accurate. My advice here is to follow the tutorial of a sewing professional!

I like and recommend this detailed Zipper pouch tutorial by Suzy Quilts. 

If you prefer a video format – watch this video tutorial by Made Everyday on YouTube.

And, if you want to sew by hand – follow this video tutorial.  

I also made a short video tutorial ‘Embroidered zipper pouch tutorial. How to embroider and sew a zipper pouch from fabric scraps’. You can watch it below!

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Embroidered zipper pouch tutorial

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