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Practical Embroidery online school is dedicated to hand embroidery and its practical application

Practical Embroidery online school exists to teach hand embroidery techniques and application. Embroidery skills empower us to take care of our clothes, homes, and emotional health with simple stitches.

This web page offers a range of online courses, workshops, downloadable patternsvideo tutorials, and embroidery kits.

Practical Embroidery online school is dedicated to sharing information about hand embroidery stitches and techniques. You will find a lot of free bite-sized hand embroidery lessons, tips, and tutorials here.
Stitch library A-Z

The list of hand embroidery stitches and techniques is grouped by alphabet names. Click on the title, and you will find more information about the stitch or technique and a short video tutorial.

Stitch library by technique

On this page, you will find hand embroidery stitches categorized by the technique used to embroider, also called stitch families.


All the video tutorials I share on my YouTube page are listed here

Free embroidery patterns

All the free designs I share as a part of a video tutorial or DIY projects are listed here. Click on the design you like and download it for free


All the projects and tutorials I share as a video or blog post are listed here