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Starting and finishing to stitch video tutorial

Starting and finishing to stitch in hand embroidery secrets revealed. You can see a lot of hand embroidery tutorials on the internet, but how do they start and finish to stitch? Usually, it remains a secret. In hand embroidery, there are many different ways to start stitching and finish the stitch. Your choice will depend on what kind of stitches you will use and if you will cover the area where you start and finish embroidering with stitches later or not. Although almost no one will see your holding stitches, it might be your most important stitch. Make it right and you will be safe in the knowledge that all your hard work is secure.

In this video tutorial I reveal all the secrets of starting and finishing embroidery and explore all the possibilities.

If you prefer to read in stead of watching video tutorial – check this blog post “Starting and finishing to stitch in hand embroidery secrets revealed”.

In the video tutorial below you will find out how to:

  1. Start embroidering with simple knot on the back of the fabric (and why it’s not the best choice)
  2. Start embroidering with a holding stitch
  3. Start embroidery with a folded thread
  4. What is a Waste away knot and how to make it
  5. How to anchor your stitches to the previously made stitches
  6. How to end embroidery thread with anchoring
  7. How to end embroidering with holding stitch

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How to start and finish embroidery without knots

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