Blanket stitch video tutorial

Blanket stitch video tutorial

In this video tutorial, I show you how to embroider a blanket stitch.

The blanket stitch, also called the buttonhole stitch, was born as a method to finish the edges of blankets and other textile objects like tea towels and pillowcases. Now it’s used to:

  • finish an edge, 
  • attach an appliqué
  • for mending clothes and textiles 
  • as a decorative stitch all on its own

There are many ways to use this stitch as a decorative stitch – from flowers and leaves to filling and outlining.

I consider this stitch one of the essential hand embroidery stitches everyone should know. That’s why I shortlisted it in my article “The top 10 hand embroidery stitches you should learn“. Also, you will find this essential hand embroidery stitch in my free hand embroidery course – The top 10 hand embroidery stitches. You can sign up for this course HERE.

Blanket stitch hand embroidery is very simple, yet – it has many visual possibilities. You can make stitches long or short, dense or distanced. Also, you can play with different rhythms of the embroidery patterns. For example, you can change up the density or the length of the stitches and create a playful design. Otherwise – keep the same height and density and maintain a clear repetitive visual pattern.

Watch this video tutorial and learn how to embroider a simple blanket stitch and make a blanket stitch on the edge of the fabric.

More variations of the blanket stitch:

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