Lattice stitch video tutorial cover, pink

Lattice stitch video tutorial

Lattice stitch or Lattice work is a very versatile and fun stitch that is used for filling big areas in hand embroidery. This technique comes from Crewel embroidery and is widely used there.

There are many ways to make this stitch. You can make this stitch on blank areas or embroider it over areas already filled with satin stitch.

In the video tutorial below you will see a basic lattice stitch embellished with french knots. 

The skeleton of this stitch is made with vertical and horizontal lines, forming a grid. Then, you make a couching on the intersections of the basic threads and add some french knots in the empty squares.

If you want to practice this stitch, check out my Embroidered Valentine’s day card tutorial. You can download a free PDF pattern and make a beautiful card embroidered with lattice stitch!

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Look at a video tutorial below and see how fun and easy this stitch is!

Lattice stitch video tutorial