Whipped backstitch video tutorial

Whipped backstitch video tutorial

A whipped backstitch is an embroidery stitch made in two steps. First, we embroider a simple backstitch and then whip it with another thread. You can use the same color thread to make a straight raised line or of two contrasting colors to create a rope-like line.

Some additional tips:

  • Try to make all the backstitches the same length so the final rope will be twisted equally.
  • Use a blunt needle, like a tapestry needle (or a back of the needle), for whipping. Be careful not to snag the backstitch or the fabric under and not to hurt your fingers if you use the eye of a regular embroidery needle.
  • The smaller the backstitch is, the denser will be the twist of the final stitch.
  • If you want to use 2 colors for this stitch, keep in mind that you will need more floss of the color you will use for the backstitch. If you have a small amount of the floss left – use it for whipping.

Watch a video tutorial below to learn how to embroider this stitch.

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Whipped backstitch video tutorial PIN
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