Bullion knot hand embroidery stitch

Bullion knot video tutorial

Bullion knot (bullion stitch) is a very versatile stitch. Almost every embroidery technique uses them: cutwork, lacework, Brazilian embroidery – you name it. You can use Bullion knots not only to make famous Bullion roses but also, to embroider petals of other flowers, make buds, leaves, grass, starfish, and many more.

You can use any thread to make bullion knots. But you should know that it’s easier to make bullion knots with slippery yarns like rayon, silk, or cotton embroidery floss of good quality. Also, keep in mind that you should use a milliner needle as it has a smaller eye. It makes it very easy for the knot to slip out of the needle smoothly.

The length of the wrapping will indicate the length of the bullion stitch. Make the wrapping solid, but not too tight. To make curved bullion, you should make the wrapping longer than the distance of the stitch.

Watch a video tutorial below and learn how to make a Bullion knot stitch!

Flowers embroidered with bullion knot stitches