Chain stitch filling video tutorial cover

Chain stitch filling video tutorial

Learn how to use the chain stitch for filling big areas in hand embroidery.

Chain stitch is an embroidery stitch in which a series of looped stitches form a chain-like pattern.  It is an ancient craft – examples of surviving Chinese chain stitch embroidery examples date back to 5th – 3rd century BC. This simple stitch is very versatile, great for outlining and also for filling. Chain stitch is very handy when you have to embroider flowing, curvy lines.

To work the chain stitch as a filling, stitch multiple rows close together, spacing them so that no fabric shows between the rows. You can make the rows of stitching all go the same direction, or alternate them so they create a patterned texture.

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Watch a video below to learn Chain stitch filling.

Chain stitch filling PIN