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9 reasons why you should start embroidering

There are many reasons why people were embroidering for ages and why you should do that too. Hand embroidery is antique way to decorate fabric using a needle and thread. For centuries people used hand embroidery to decorate, mark and mend their clothes, religious objects, household objects, and even shoes.

Now, in the 21 st century,  hand embroidery is making a come back from traditional to on-trend, as it was said in the article of The Telegraph. Many designers are reinventing the ways to use embroidery in their collections.

So, let’s take a look at the list of the reasons why also you should pick up this hobby right away. 

Reason No.1. Hand embroidery is a cheap hobby with low entry costs

Starting a new hobby is usually an investment. Many hobbies have a long list of expensive materials and tools that you have to buy before you can even try it. Embroidery is not one of these. It’s enough to have a needle, a thread and a piece of fabric and you are good to start. You can have a taste of this cool craft with the materials you probably already have at home. Simple sewing needle, sewing thread and a piece of an old sheet that can’t be used anymore will do the work. If you will like it, later you can buy an embroidery needle and some embroidery floss, but you can also continue embroidering with non-specialized materials.

Reason No.2. Hand embroidery is useful

Let’s be honest – how many times you picked up some hobby, made something and then understood that your creation is useless? I did, many times… 

Hand embroidery is one of the hobbies that have wide application possibilities. You can use embroidery as fine art medium and create pictures. Embroidery stitches can help you to decorate your clothes. Household objects like towels, napkins or bedsheets can be personalized with hand embroidery. You can embroider jewelry, mend clothes and shoes with simple embroidery stitches and much more.

Reason No.3. Hand embroidery is an eco-friendly hobby

As mindful people, caring for our mother Earth, we should pay more attention to what impact on the planet do our hobbies make. In the hand embroidery, we usually use natural materials like cotton or silk threads, cotton or linen fabrics or even fabric remnants. There is no water, gas or electricity consumption. Also, there are a lot of ways to reuse materials, use up fabric scraps, mend and adjust clothes. So, if you care for the planet, hand embroidery is your no. 1 eco-friendly hobby choice.

Reason No.4. Hand embroidery is easy to learn

All you need to start embroidering are some simple stitches, that are easy and fast to learn. After some practicing, when you will master these, you can choose more complex patterns and add new stitches to your vocabulary. But most embroidery artists say, that 5-10 basic stitches are more than enough to create art.

Reason No.5. Hand embroidery is good for your mental health 

Repetitive movements of working the stitches can be meditative and soothing. It’s a very good way to disconnect from the digital world and connect to your inner self. Hand embroidery gives you confidence, releases stress and anxiety. Needlework has been recognized as an effective way to reduce stress since back during World War I when soldiers stitched to aid their recuperation. The focus on one action and the flow of needlework calms the mind and reduces stress. In addition, there is a sense of achievement when a piece is completed which can boost mental health and improve our wellbeing. 

Reason No.6. Hand embroidery is portable

How many times did you regret that you can’t take your hobby with you and practice it during the holidays or business trips? Hand embroidery is very portable. You can take your embroidery on a bus, airplane, to the beach, hotel room or even the tent in the camping (unless you are embroidering something monumental :)) The tools and materials are small and usually, all your work can fit in a small craft bag. Also, there is no preparation involved. So take it with you everywhere you go and enjoy every minute of embroidery. 

Reason No.7. There are an embroidery style and technique for every taste

  • The ones who admire classic embroidery would probably like Crewel embroidery, Whitework or Jacobean embroidery
  • Admirers of the order would go for counted embroidery techniques like Cross stitch, Blackwork, Assisi work, Canvas work (needlepoint) or Chicken scratch embroidery
  • Needle painting – also called thread painting or silk shading – for the ones who like realistic fine arts. This embroidery technique is also widely used for embroidery of the portraits (also pet portraits)
  • For more luxury looks you can choose Bead embroidery, Luneville (Tambour) or Goldwork
  • Slow stitching. It’s not an embroidery technique, but more an embroidery philosophy – for the ones who choose process over final results
  • If you like bold looks – 3D embroidery, like Silk ribbon embroidery, Brazilian embroidery or Stumpwork – is your choice
  • Sashiko and Boro (from Japan), Kantha (from India and Bangladesh) embroidery – traditional embroidery techniques that are widely used for mending clothes
  • Modern surface embroidery – the mix of all the above techniques, styles and even more. It’s the use of traditional embroidery stitches in unconventional ways, the use of classical methods on modern fabrics and a mix of different techniques in one work. 

I prefer modern embroidery as it gives me the freedom to mix all the stitches I like and use them as I want. Modern embroidery allows me to freely choose the fabric and threads and create original pieces. 

Reason No.8. Hand embroidery skills can save you loads of money

Maybe the money isn’t an issue for you, but there is always a better way to spend it than buying clothes and gifts.

  • Hand embroidered designer clothes cost a lot of money. But once you learn how to hand embroider, you can embellish your clothes and be a fashionista on a low budget.
  • Christmas, birthdays, Thanksgiving, Halloween – you can create a hand made present on any occasion and to anyone. There is a wide range of hand-embroidered gifts that you can create – from jewelry to tote bags, from pictures and greetings cards to tea towels. There is nothing more personal, sweet and wallet-friendly than a hand made present.
  • Once you learn simple hand embroidery and mending techniques, instead of throwing away, you can mend, adjust and upgrade your clothes, so you will need to buy less. It’s better for your wallet and for the planet. 

Reason No.9. Hand embroidery is a hot trend right now

As it was said in the recent article of Financial Times, “hand-stitching is the ultimate in slow fashion”. If you want to follow the trend, hand-embroidered clothes are must have’s now. And why should you pay a lot of money for something you can make yourself?

How to start embroidering today?

Grab a needle, a thread and a piece of fabric

Learn some basic stitches

Enjoy the process

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