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    Types of hand embroidery thread

    Cotton mouline, Pearl cotton, Rayon floss, Variegated threads and much more In this article, I would like to write more in detail about different types of hand embroidery threads and where these threads can be used. There are many types of yarns that are created for hand embroidery purposes. Your choice will depend on the fabric you use, the style of the embroidery, and the effect you want to achieve. Let’s see in detail what types of thread there are available and how to select the best thread for your project. Stranded Embroidery Cotton Stranded Embroidery Cotton is also known as Embroidery floss or cotton mouline. It’s a classic go-to…

  • Threads and floss for hand embroidery, pearl cotton, Cotton floss
    Tools and materials,  Embroidery tips

    Embroidery threads

    All you need to know about hand embroidery threads and floss There are 3 essential groups of hand embroidery tools: the fabric, the thread, and the needle. If you don’t have one of these, you will not be able to do any embroidery at all. Some time ago, I wrote about the needles for hand embroidery. You can find out “Everything you need to know about hand embroidery needles” here.  In this article, I will talk about the second group of hand embroidery tools – the threads. When we talk about the thread, I see a lot of embroidery beginners asking the same questions: What is embroidery floss used for? What…